Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Glass

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Installing glass may appear simple, but it requires specialized skills and the utmost care needs to be taken for safe installation. There is no room for error. Glass and window servicing companies possess the know-how to execute a glass installation keeping in mind the necessary standard of quality and safety.

Unfortunately, some people do not understand the risks associated with this exercise. They do not conduct the necessary research and compromise on quality, security, safety, and durability. By just focusing on pricing, uninformed consumers expose themselves to risks.

Improperly executed glass installations can cause serious harm not only to you but also to others in the vicinity of the installation. People can avoid these pitfalls by seeking the advice and services of a reputable and experienced glass and window servicing company.

To enhance your knowledge and help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be dangerous to both you and to others, Locale Glass has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when installing glass.

1. Rushing to fix your shattered glass or installing glass with the first glass supplier that you find.

Imagine that you’re dealing with shattered glass in your retail storefront from a boozy fight carried over from a bar next door. You might be eager to hire the first company you find on the internet to fix it as soon as possible. While this action is entirely understandable, there are a number of ways this rash decision can come back to bite you.

The glass supplier hired by you must be an expert and possess knowledge of the variety of types of glass and windows that are suitable for different purposes and needs so that the job completed for you is not shoddy. While getting back to servicing your customers and making sure you can safely operate again are essential, you must make sure you are dealing with a reputable glass supplier and installer.

A professional hired by you must be someone with the necessary skills to get the job done right and in the least possible time. You can avoid a situation of hiring an incompetent glass supplier and installer by asking the right questions and performing necessary research.

2. Only factoring in price.

Nobody wants to overpay for a glass installation or replacement. As a price-conscious home or business owner, operating within a budget is an important factor in deciding on which glass company to go with. Keep in mind though, that your needs may require an option which is not the cheapest but relatively costlier. Getting the right glass for your situation and requirements must be right up there with pricing when deciding on replacing, installing, or repairing your glass.

Keep in mind, that some suppliers/installers don’t use their own installation crew, and instead subcontract others to perform the work. This can lead to ultimately higher prices for you!

3. Ignoring window maintenance.

Anyone who has had to deal with replacing windows or glass will tell you, that it can be a costly proposition. For this reason, maintaining windows and glass can be a worthwhile undertaking to avoid cracking, chipping, scraping, and loosening frames. Windows made of steel or wood should be painted every five years. Also, the removal of loose and chipping paint may make all the difference. Indeed, sometimes a simple re-caulking can be enough to maintain function, reduce moisture, and maintain energy costs.

If replacing glass or windows is necessary, you must take into account your needs to have them performing and looking their best.

4. Not considering security and durability.

You must keep in mind that there are glass options available for security purposes. These options can make break-in and weather damage less likely. Hardware installed with the window, glazing, and break resistant technologies are important factors to be considered when replacing or repairing glass and windows.

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